Some Parents Willing to Do Whatever it Takes

The institutionalized failure of South Carolina’s public school system has forced some parents to adopt a “whatever it takes” approach to ensure their children receive a worthwhile education. Post and Courier reporter, Diette Courrege, recently uncovered one such dedicated group of parents. (To see the article in full, click here.)

Throughout the Palmetto State, parents are growing increasingly frustrated with the stringent restraints placed on educational opportunities. But, instead of waiting for a slow acting Legislature to make the serious reforms our state so desperately needs, these parents have chosen to take matters into their own hands.

Whether it’s camping out the night before registration just to make sure their child has a spot at one of the county’s outstanding elementary schools (like a crowd of parents did in Greenville) or slightly altering their address, parents are demonstrating their commitment to providing their children the education they deserve.

Perhaps those in power could follow these dedicated individuals’ example. Parents deserve a choice and they deserve it now.


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