Hypocrite of the Day

Writing in The State, Sen. John Land III (D-Clarendon) says

john-land-iii.jpgWith the election of Jim Rex as education superintendent, we should leave the discussion of vouchers behind. Democrats and Republicans must commit to the necessary and crucial decisions needed for improving our schools for all children and continue to fight for equitable funding, accountability and efficiency.

Hey, genius, what do you think vouchers (or other choice measures) are about? School choice is a way to ensure that schools only get funding when they actually work to teach children. Parents make sure that the school is working for their child—or they take their business elsewhere. Unlike the current system, every parent can send their child to a working school, the school is accountable to the parent, and the child is matched with a school where they can learn and thrive. If that isn’t an equitable, accountable, and efficient system, I don’t know what is.


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