A Savage Thrashing

Politicians who favor bureaucracies over children risk the inspired wrath of conscientious journalists.  Latest Example:  The Detroit News is not happy with Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm nor are they particularly impressed by her political associates in Lansing. The Governor’s pro-school-monopoly behavior has The News convinced that Granholm’s priorities are with her political allies rather than with the children of Michigan.

The union influence continues to be more important in Lansing than saving children. Last week, Granholm vetoed a bill that would have made it easier for charter school students to transfer from one charter to another.

And new House Speaker Andy Dillon, D-Redford Township, wants to reduce funding for charters and block the main source of new charters, Bay Mills Community College, which is regulated by federal law, from sponsoring any more schools.

Saving the children of Detroit and other failed school districts should be more important to state politicians than keeping union dollars flowing into their campaign coffers.

Detroit’s parents should have the right to get their children a decent education, without having to leave the city to find it.

The entire article is both compelling and informative. Read the whole thing.



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