Sorry If You Missed It…


…because the 2007 Rally for Real School Choice was awesome.

Here are some press accounts:

Thousands Rally for School Tax Credit (Greenville News)
Thousands Rally for More School Options (Charleston Post and Courier)
Thousands Rally for School Choice (The State)

To give credit where it’s due, the story in The State is more-or-less straight. The school choice movement hasn’t always received fair treatment at the hands of The State; my favorite example is from two years ago when school choicers had a rally of several thousand and were met by a phalanx of bizarre conspiracy theorist counterprotestors, the State headline read something like “Dueling Rallies on the Statehouse Grounds.” How large was the other rally, which received equal coverage with the several thousand strong school choice movement? Oh, about a dozen people, give or take.

Anyway, it’s nice to see that The State is taking doing a better of job of taking its journalistic responsibility more seriously.


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