Politicians to Middle Class and Poor Parents: DROP DEAD

Some may argue that this is an old story (and it is) but I would say that it’s “evergreen” (and it is).

Four out of five of the major candidates for Governor of Massachusetts in 2006—all of whom oppose real school choice—send their kids to:

A. Public School
B. Private School
C. Charter Schools
D. “Tough Love” Drug Rehabilitiation Boot Camp

If you guessed “B,” give yourself a hand for understanding the fact that many anti-choice politicians are rank hypocrites. Yes, yes, it’s another case of “School Choice for Me, Sub-standard Government Monopoly for Thee!” (It’s not like we know of any similar cases in South Carolina, *cough* Rep. Ken Kennedy *cough*)

Thanks for the link to Po Bronson who insightfully points out:

In it, the paper reported that four of the five candidates for Governor of Massachusetts are sending (or have sent) their kids to private schools. Not just any private schools — we’re talking $17,000 to $20,000 a year kindergartens, $40,000 a year boarding schools and the like. This is Massachusetts — the state that sends the most of its high school grads to college — the state with the highest number of adults with college-educations.

In other words, in a state with some of the best ed numbers around, those who seek the absolute power to run their schools don’t think they can do it in enough time to help their own children.


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