Does Someone Need a Little Help with Anger Management?

For a long time it’s been clear that The State‘s Brad Warthen is the fiercest opponent of parents and children education choice in South Carolina. Having read his editorials for years, I knew he could be brutal but this is ridiculous:

Somebody came up to me after last night’s “school choice” forum saying he’d like to get together and discuss the subject, perhaps over a lunch, from the Club for Growth perspective.

I did NOT hit him, and I’m very proud of that.


Way to go Brad! This is the best reason yet NOT to support school choice: you might catch a beat-down, courtesy of the Op-ed editor of our state’s biggest newspaper. Answering requests for dialogue with threats of violence… hmm, isn’t that strange behavior for a grown-up?

Anti-State blogger “Bill Smith”—who has made a hobby of critiquing every syllable emanating from His Bradness—goes after Warthen on school choice here.


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