Three Short Pieces

  • The Heritage Foundation’s Dan Lips explains how American ingenuity and can-do spirit—politically expressed though federalism’s view of states and cities as “laboratories of democracy—can help us achieve education reform for individual, social, and national benefit.
  • Following up on a story we’ve covered before, the Cincinnati Enquirer explains to the Cincinnati School Board that it would be nice if they complied with the state’s school choice statute rather than denying parents and children their legal rights
  • Finally, there’s a nice letter to the editor in the Salt Lake Tribune that explains the most important concept in financing market-based reform: the school choice dividend. School choice students cost less than Monopoly Public System students. Therefore, every time a parent exercises school choice, there’s extra money left over in the coffers either for higher public school spending or new tax cuts—or anything else. Anyway, read the letter; it’s good.

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