Ohio Governor: I Hate Children


Last year, the Republican Party in Ohio took a severe beating in federal and statewide elections due to voter anger over endemic mismanagement and corruption that saw Ohio GOP officials and contributors land in jail. Score one for democracy.

Now, the newly-elected Governor, Democrat Ted Strickland, is looking to pay back his friends and punish his enemies. In order to satisfy the demands of the powerful and vindictive teachers’ unions, Ted Strickland is attacking parents and children by proposing to take away their options. Over 100,000 students who are eligible for vouchers statewide would have to go back to schools that are not the best choice for them. In places like Cleveland, this would mean that they would have to go back to schools that are violent or cannot reliably teach children to read.

Strickland claims that he is doing this save the budget. This is demonstrable hogwash.

We can never know for certain what’s going on in the smoky back rooms with union bosses, nor can we discern the mysterious workings of Ted Strickland’s fevered brain or the impaired functioning his shriveled little heart. But pulling opportunities away from children to pay off your political allies is unconscionable.

Unlike corporate subsidies or perks for powerful politicians, opportunity-enhancing school choice programs will always be in the cross hairs of well-connected special interests. More’s the pity.

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