Bias? What Bias?

Okay, it’s bad enough that South Carolina legislators once again proved that they don’t care about giving kids a chance for better school options.

It’s even worse that the last-minute arm-twisting and political gamesmanship was more flagrant than usual and that faux drama became a weak substitute for the real work of improving South Carolina childrens’ chances for success.

Yet somehow I find myself annoyed that the media has completely flubbed the story even worse than usual.

Check out this headline: S.C. House passes school-choice bill free of vouchers.

“Free” of vouchers?!? Using the word “free” in this context is just weird. Consider the connotation of a few phrases in the same form:

  • Upon inspection, your house is free of termites.
  • By haggling with the dealer, I made sure my car payments are free of interest
  • After an expensive year in rehab, his good-for-nothing nephew is now drug-free.

Why couldn’t they say the bill was “lacking vouchers” or “lacking options” or “without meaningful reform?”

Hmmm…I wonder where the Herald-Journal stands on school choice? Could it be that they’re against it—and they’re happy that parents have no choices and children remain imprisoned in failing schools? Nah…

The headline is just a grain of sand in the Sahara Desert of bias against school choice. Look, despite all the BS about so-called “public” money for “unaccountable” schools, here’s the truth about giving parents options:

School choice = Freedom for Parents.
School choice = Opportunity for Kids.
School choice = Savings for Taxpayers.

Until we get this vital reform, our state will remain stuck with pervasive failure and despair.

In the meantime, I’d hate to be an anti-school choice Republican around the next election. I have a feeling that a few of them are going to meet with the wrath of some angry, unforgiving, and politically-engaged parents. Oh well.


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