Oh, This is Rich

So it’s been a couple of weeks since the SC House of Representatives expressed its disdain for the 185,000 students in failing public schools. Now Jim Rex has offered his solution which involves such bold, innovative, and forward thinking moves as firing three principals. Three whole principals. Wow.

Of course, just because 185,000—and this is surely a low-ball estimate, achieved through deft bureaucratic airbrushing—students are in failing schools doesn’t mean that Jim Rex and company want to do anything drastic. That’s why they refused to takeover school districts that were failing.

Let’s get specific: In Allendale public schools in 2006, fewer than one out of 12 8th graders was proficient at reading and writing the English language. Fewer than four out of 100 could perform Math at a proficient grade level.

As for hundreds of thousand of other South Carolina students, the public schools are failing for Allendale kids.

But Allendale parents aren’t allowed to choose different schools.
And no Allendale schools are being taken over.
And no Allendale principals are being replaced.

Unless something changes fast, these kids are headed for a world of trouble and hardship.  But the Edstablishment just doesn’t care. It would be easy to call the politicians a bunch of losers but the real losers—in the literal sense of losing out—are the children.

The building is burning down but Rex and company are playing with the smoke detector.


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