Breaking News: Parents like to think for themselves

There is no shortage of evidence that school choice has improved education in many states, and can do the same in South Carolina. Read this commentary by Adam Schaeffer of the Cato Institute laying out the successes of school choice, and the widespread support it enjoys in the Palmetto State and across the nation. Issac Bailey of the Sun News echoes Schaeffer by completely debunking the usefulness of Jim Rex’s open enrollment plan.  

Parents want real choices for their children, and Jim Rex trying to convince everyone otherwise doesn’t change anything. It certainly doesn’t change the fact that only one out of every two students is graduating from high school.

You would think that the South Carolina General Assembly would be more interested in listening to voting parents than in clinging like leeches to the Department of Education’s comfortable status quo. Hopefully, their vote to sustain Governor Sanford’s veto of open enrollment is an indication that they’re willing to start doing just that.


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