Hope Springs Eternal

This guest editorial by Pastor Richard Davis follows hard on the heels of a  pretty good article in The State last week about black lawmakers  reconsidering the issue of real school choice. Hopefully, more members of the Black Caucus will take to heart Pastor Davis’ challenge to provide a more effective and equitable education for all families in South Carolina.


5 responses to “Hope Springs Eternal

  1. Thank goodness we finally have some people willing to stand up for black families, rather than take directives from the education establishment.

  2. It’s amazing to me that some of the legislators with the worst schools in their districts are the ones least willing to do anything serious about it.

  3. Tothemaximum

    It is all about semantics. The school “choice” box our state educated children are placed in dissallows parental wisdom and involvement. Their version of school “choice” is far different from Pastor Davis’ vision for the black children of our state. It is time to think outside that box.

  4. This is such a scam. Black families will not benefit from vouchers. We need to help our schools and ALL children, not ignore the ones who struggle just to survive and get a basic education under severe circumstances. Good Christians would reach out to the poor and disadvantaged, not ignore them.

  5. Syd, we invite you to check out school choice programs from around the country. The vast amount of those who utilize such programs are African-American and/or lower income families. Those who are well off have already made the decision to transfer their children if they are unhappy with the education they were receiving.

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