It’s Time for Tried and True Education Reform

What’s got Warren Bolton so fired up?

It must be the two recent pieces in The State about African-American leaders taking another look at school choice.

Why shouldn’t they? After all, it’s a measure that continues to prove its effectiveness in other states.

Oh that’s right, because Warren Bolton says it’s a “gimmick.”

Word to the wise, Warren: A parent having the right to choose the best education for their child isn’t a “gimmick”. The Hooter’s Girls are a gimmick.

Hopefully members of the Black Caucus won’t allow themselves to be bullied by this type of knee-jerk rhetoric.   


3 responses to “It’s Time for Tried and True Education Reform

  1. Darrell Jackson references school choice once, and Warren Bolton pitches a tantrum. He is so obviously desperate to make sure no one would ever believe that a black legislator would support school choice. The rep from Jasper County is black and he supports it. Good post guys, I enjoyed it. BTW, the Hooter’s Girls ain’t a gimmick, that’s just good marketing!

  2. Darrell clarified himself. He won’t support vouchers. And the lone black Legislator from Jasper County was bought and paid for by Rich and his money changers. BTW, get someone besides your paid consultants to post here to beef up your hit count. “Ramblin” sounds like Will Folks. :) Warren Bolton’s article was right on the money. Have a nice day, boys. Jake.

  3. Jake,
    We’re looking pretty good on hits thanks to your obsessive patronage. Keep toeing that party line!


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