The Times They Are A’ Changin’

When will black lawmakers make a united move to change the face of education in South Carolina? You can bet that’s a question weighing heavily on the thousands of poor and minority families who, year after year, send their children to chronically failing public schools. Despite a tremendous achievement gap between whites and blacks and abysmal test scores and graduation rates, the majority of African-American legislators in Columbia have remained completely unwilling to empower African-American parents with school choice.

 This article from the St. Petersburg Times points out several black politicians in Florida who, despite typical criticism from education bureaucrats, have finally decided to stand up against the education establishment.  As Democrat Representative Terry Fields of Jacksonville said “We’re at a place in time where we have to be creative and get out of our comfortable boxes and do what’s best for our kids.”

 Touché Rep. Fields!

We can only hope that members of the SC Black Caucus read this article and step up to do what is best for Black students – even if it means they have to take some heat from those clinging desperately to the failed status quo.


4 responses to “The Times They Are A’ Changin’

  1. You guys are saying what needs to be said! Thank goodness there is someone out there working for education reform that won’t knuckle under to the establishment. More members of the Black Caucus should get behind Curtis Brantley and do something to really help poor black students. Keep up the good work!

  2. Tothemaximum

    I am glad that some visionary Black legislators are finally willing to ignore the aisle when the grander view of the future of their children is at stake. Kudos to Rep. Fields. And thank goodness for Curtus Brantley, a pioneer of true education reform here. Listen up Black Caucus! It is time!

  3. Outonthedock

    Hopefully Brantley will stick to his guns. He seems like a good guy, but he’s got to be under a lot of pressure for supporting choice.

  4. SickandTired

    As an African-American that support school choice, it’s pathetic that Black politicians will be beholden to a system that has completely failed to educate it’s children. Shame on us ALL for this disgrace.


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