Another Great Day for Education in South Carolina

College entrance exam results are out for the class of 2007, and as most of you know South Carolina is still ranked 49th in the country in both the SAT and ACT.

The articles we’ve read on both the SAT and ACT have reported general results; but, they haven’t included any demographic breakdowns.  Here are a few other details from the SC results that we found mighty interesting:

  • There were 24,081 students who took the SAT compared to 16,716 who took the ACT.
  • Students in non-public schools accounted for 11% of those who took the SAT; that data is not available from the ACT.
  • Students from religious schools scored an average of 39 points higher in reading, 19 points higher in math, and 49 points higher in writing. 
  • Students from independent schools scored an average of 17 points higher in reading, 6 points higher in math, and 26 points higher in writing. 
  • White students scored an average of 94 points higher in reading, 94 points higher in math, and 92 points higher in writing.
  • White males scored 99 points higher in reading, 101 points higher in math, and 92 points higher in writing.
  • White females scored 92 points higher in reading, 85 points higher in math, and 92 points higher in writing.
  • From the South Carolina results, the ACT projects that only 15% of those who took the test are college-ready.  For white students, college readiness is projected at 22% while only 2% of black students are considered ready.
  • Black students had a composite score on the ACT of 16.3 compared to 21.5 for white students.

Families who would like to find an alternative school but can’t afford it, particularly black parents, should be outraged at these results.  Clearly, there is a need for some real change.

Jim Rex’s quote in the Post and Courier article sums it up well, saying, “”It may be that we’ve hit a point in education reform in the state and nation that we need to do more substantive change to keep up with the competition.”

Really, Dr. Rex!  Here’s an idea:  Stop paying lip service to real reform and let’s give all children the opportunity to find a school – any school – that works best for them.  It’s called school choice and it works.

7 responses to “Another Great Day for Education in South Carolina

  1. The sad truth is that many of the worst schools in the state have primarily black student bodies. Is anyone doing anything to help them?Change the pattern! Give black students the same chances that students in wealthy areas have. Get them out of failing schools, and into schools where they can reach their potential and end this ridiculous achievement gap!

  2. Outonthedock

    Jim Rex thinks we’re heading in the right direction? Talk about a desperate need to get in touch with reality…

  3. Tothemaximum

    When I read Dr. Rex’s comment my first thought was “Duh!!!” The “point” he refers to was, in fact, hit a long time ago. It is such a shame that it just keeps going on and on. I can’t believe the black community isn’t marching the streets over this, or that those caring legislators aren’t demanding changes in really loud voices!

  4. Get rid of the PACT Testing so the teachers can ACTUALLY teach our kids things they will use! I believe the kids would do better on the SAT’s if they werent ONLY taught what was on the PACT!! My child has been in the public system going on 3 years now (K3-4th was private) no spelling tests, OPEN book tests! It’s like they are trying to make her dumb!!

  5. The PACT is a big fat waste of everybodies money. It obviously isn’t doing anything but dragging the state down and costing a ton in the process.

  6. Eliminate the PACT. Change the academic standards of quantity to quality allowing mastery of subject. We have standards that are an inch deep and a mile wide. Who ever made up the redicules SC Uniform Grading Scale needs their head examined. Harvard and every other institution of higher learning uses a 10 point scale. SC loves to promote failure. Private schools and Universities only require 20 credits for graduation and enrollment. Why do we keep these kids inside public ed requiring 24 credits for a HS Diploma. My own son went to college this year and they only required 14 credits since the remainder are only fillers and job opportunities for teacher employment. Try some hands on learning like this school who allows for student participation.

  7. If our school boards were operated like a business, they would all be fired for failour to produce a finished product. The reason that the SAT test is disliked by the teachers and the teacher’s union is that it measures success which is a rare commodity The old saw that it forces them to teach to the test to pass the SAT is bogus,,If true then they would teach reading, math, english composition etc. and the students would pass the test. All I hear is excuses or odd ball solutions …Try teaching basics and graduate students who at least know how to read, which is also a rare commodity. Don’t force students who want to learn to stay in a class room that is continually disrupted by the unruly few..

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