That Haunting Sensation Again

Do you ever get the feeling that The World’s Best Magazine is trying to tell you something about the fairest, most efficient, most effective way to educate kids?

Bonus: Premium quotes after the jump…

Here are a couple of quotes from The Economist’s premium($) archives.

Whether it’s South Carolina or Merry Ol’ England, politicians are, uh, not-so-great at ensuring that every student has a decent education:

ALL the prattle about school choice, beloved of New Labour and Tories alike, is meaningless to a child who ends up with no choice but to attend a failing school. And although failing schools are less numerous than they once were, there are still a lot of them around: 1,557, according to the National Audit Office (NAO), educating nearly a million children.

Also, the results are the same on either side of the pond as well. How are they looking? Not positive:

JEFFREY LEWIS didn’t learn much at the Booker T. Washington high school in Miami. There was a lot of fighting, says his mother. If the teachers tried to do anything, someone interrupted. By the time [the students] got through talking about their brand name [clothes], it’s another period, she maintains. It wasn’t a school, just a place to hang out.

Bright but shy, Jeffrey kept his head down and got Ds and Fs. But then, using a voucher scheme aimed at helping Florida children escape from failing inner-city schools, he moved to a private school, where his grades are now excellent. Unfortunately for him, the Florida Supreme Court last week struck down the voucher scheme that rescued him. …

[Both quotes are from the January 12, 2006 print edition of The Economist]


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