A monument to wasted potential

Wasted potential is a sad thing to see, folks.

Wasted potential on a grand scale is even worse, but many South Carolinians seem perfectly willing to live with it.

Just in case you’re wondering what we mean by “wasted potential on a grand scale,” we’re talking about South Carolina’s expensive, inefficient, and unproductive education system.

There’s really no other way to describe having half of all students in South Carolina drop out before high school graduation. Throw in tens of thousands of other students who graduate handicapped by the inadequate training they received, and you’ve got a recipe for what South Carolina already has too much of: crime and poverty.

The social and financial results of bureaucratic failure are all around us, but too many politicians and so called educators complacently refuse to make any drastic changes.

Students aren’t the only potential being wasted in South Carolina.

Caring, talented teachers are held back from effectively doing what they love by reams of unnecessary paperwork, inability to discipline, and the notoriously unpopular PACT.

 In this article from The Greenville News, John Warner explores the frustrations of teachers and administrators who find themselves just as short-changed by the system as the students.

Warner states ” A consensus exists that to achieve our state’s aspirations our children must have world class education. There is a growing awareness that our existing education system is obsolete and that world class education is possible only if the best teachers reinvent how education occurs and then parents choose the best educational environment for their children.”

South Carolinians do have a choice.

We can either demand comprehensive education reform from the officials we vote into office, or just stand by and shake our heads over the thousands of young lives that will never realize their potential.


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