Giving credits where credits are due

According to this article in The State, the South Carolina General Assembly will be considering offering tax credits to businesses that install sprinkler systems in their buildings.  In light of the tragic furniture store fire in Charleston last summer, this legislation will hopefully be a huge motivator for businesses to make sure their buildings are as safe as possible.

Why is the General Assembly using tax credits to make progress toward this important safety goal?

Because they work.

Tax credits are great incentives, and the state hands them out for everything from premarital preparation courses to drip/trickle irrigation systems. 

Here is our question: If the use of tax credits is so widespread and apparently considered effective, why do so many South Carolina lawmakers balk at the thought of using them to help achieve other  high priority objectives like…  education?

Not to detract from drip/trickle irrigation, but many thousands of children have their futures affected by the educational directives issued from the Statehouse, and yet educational tax credits for families are nowhere to be found.

Hopefully more lawmakers will buckle down to really changing the education system that has held back South Carolina for decades.  When they do, we like to think tax credits will play a part in the reform process.


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