Voice for School Choice Exclusive: Top Ten Jim Rex Oxymorons


Oxymoron: a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (as cruel kindness); broadly : something (as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements

The Voice for School Choice  would like to give a big thank you to Superintendent Jim Rex  for contributing the following selection of Education Oxymorons. Dr. Rex,  believe us when we say that you have been more of an inspiration to us than you know.

Why quotes from Jim Rex?

Because no one else in the state of South Carolina talks about “choice” half as much as he does and means it so little.

We hope our readers will bear in mind that Dr. Rex is a hybrid politician and bureaucrat who communicates primarily through platitudes and government –speak, so don’t be discouraged when you find his comments completely unintelligible.

However, with the help of the Rosetta Stone and a team of linguists, we were finally able to decipher Superintendent Rex’s quotes  and bring our readers an accurate translation.

Ten Education Oxymorons: Courtesy of Jim Rex

1. Jim Rex-“We want to provide more choices to satisfy needs.” Augusta   Chronicle 3/7/2007 

translation: “You will never have a need that the Dept. of Education can’t satisfy.” 

2. Jim RexEducators understand that we live in a world full of choices, and they truly want to deliver a better and more diversified package of services to students and parents.”

translation: “We’re going to fund more government programs with your money so you won’t notice that you have no real choices.”

3. Jim Rex“No child in South Carolina should be limited to only one public school or program, especially if it fails to adequately meet his or her individual needs.”

translation: “In Jim Rex World, all kids will have their pick of underperforming schools.”

4. Jim Rex“Fair and equitable funding should be primarily influenced by children’s needs, not by where they happen to live.”

translation: “It’s all about the money….the superintendents have it – the kids don’t.”

5. Jim Rex-“We need a new way to fund public education that gives adequacy and equity. You can’t do one without the other.” The State 6/21/07

translation: “The bureaucracy needs  more money.  Once the administrators get more money and build nicer district offices, the children can learn.”

6. Jim Rex-“Our education funding system is unfair, uneven and inadequate…. It’s past time to take a new approach built on the principles of simplicity, fairness, adequacy and accountability.”

translation: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Karl Marx, 1875

7. Jim Rex- “We’re going to have to find a way to give our children the education that none of us had. If we don’t, we’re going to have a generation that’s faced with a lower standard of living than ours.” Lancaster News 9/7/07

translation:  “You keep doing things over and over again the same way and expect a different result?  Of course, I do.”

8. Jim Rex“I think this is an antiquated idea we hear too often is that a child should be required to attend a specific public school or program because of the piece of dirt their house or apartment sits on.”

translation: “We at the Department of Education love this antiquated idea, and have been the primary promoters of it! Just because no other industrialized nation educates like we do is no reason to do anything radical.”

9. Jim Rex-“When it comes to learning, one size doesn’t fit all.  I’m confident that we can broaden our menu of options and still remain accountable to the public, which is a cornerstone of the public school system.”

translation: “One size does not fit all, but I’m confident we can convince you it does. Just remember, our menu is always best.”

10. Jim Rex  “Parental options are the antithesis of vouchers and credits.”

translation: * Even our team of experts at The Voice for School Choice was unable to decrypt the  the statement above. We are desperate. If anyone out there can help us make sense of it, please contact us immediately.*


We think Dr. Rex is a man of considerable knowledge and experience, but we also think his willingness to present himself as an agent of “choice” is disingenuous at best.  All the talk about options, equity, diversity, and adequacy mean nothing in light of the fact that he only supports them being implemented under the umbrella of the Dept of Education.  The above statements are true ( with the exception of number 10), but not as Superintendent Rex intends them.  Until parents are empowered to choose among public and private options, real school choice will not be achieved.


8 responses to “Voice for School Choice Exclusive: Top Ten Jim Rex Oxymorons

  1. Larry Donaldson

    When you equate Jim Rex with oxymoron you should highlight MORON. But then I guess that is another oxymoron.

  2. The post above must be an administrator. Translation: ” Didn’t you hear me? I said tax credits won’t work, what more do you want to hear?” He must be getting or pushing for a pay raise in his/her failing school. Get your ostrich head out of the sand.
    Newberry school District along with Chester and most other counties in SC, almost 50percent of our young adults do not graduate from HS. At nearly $10,000 per child from federal state and local taxes and more if special needs we expect a better graduation ratio than 50 percent failure rate.The government schools will continue to ask for more$$$. If I or any employer or individual had the same failing rate on our jobs as the public schools have, we would be out of business. Give the tax payers or any other options like tax credits and or vouchers to get out of being last. It can at least do BETTER than being last such as SC is t being number 50th.
    When these young people do not graduate, they go on welfare or hit the street and sell drugs drive up our cost of police protection.

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  6. “Parental options are the antithesis of vouchers and credits.”

    It simply means that giving parents options within the controlled system will provide the amunition to fight vouchers and credits. It’s like the cruise lines once at sea…you can make whatever choice you want as long as it’s on their boat and they get the money….

  7. Did you know that the word oxymoron is actually an oxymoron? :-)

    Your Trusty Philologist

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