The School of Hard Knocks


A recent brawl between two Richland 1 teachers landed them both in the county detention center Wednesday. As a result of the altercation, both teachers have been charged with “disturbing schools.”

Almost as disturbing as the incident itself is the fact that both combatants will remain on the District dole while their case makes its way through the various boards and committees so dear to bureaucracies everywhere.

According to The State-

Karen York, Richland 1’s spokeswoman, said both women are not teaching. Citing district policy, York declined to discuss whether disciplinary action had been taken.

York said both teachers remain on the district’s payroll while an internal investigation is conducted. She said findings would be referred to the district’s administration, which will decide how to respond to the allegations.

It looks like Richland 1 is really going to be pulling out all the stops to mete out justice.

After all, how could Richland 1 go wrong with an ‘internal investigation’? Maybe they can even bring in the teacher’s union to help impartially assess the situation.

While most private schools would have fired the truculent teachers by day’s end; South Carolina’s red tape bound education system makes it nearly impossible to fire offending employees.

Students in South Carolina should not be further handicapped by a system that provides little deterrent to poor teacher performance. The best teachers should be encouraged and well compensated, and the worst teachers should be fired.

Use the information below to contact Richland School District 1 and encourage them to lead the way in transparency and accountability by making the information on this incident available to the public.

Richland 1 Communications Director:

Richland School District 1 Administration: (803) 231-7000


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