It Takes a Village…

…Or a town in the case of Elgin, South Carolina.

We recently addressed the bureaucratic mismanagement going on in Kershaw County schools that has been mislabeled as “school choice.” Another letter to the editor showed up in The State this morning calling out those who continue to prop up our failing system at the expense of a quality education for every student. We urge all reform minded citizens to take action like Terry. Spend a few minutes writing a letter to the editor in support of real school choice.

Racial balance not vital school issue

The sentiments expressed in the article “Racial disparity follows schools” by Joy L. Woodson lead to some troubling questions.

The purpose of these schools is to educate every child who walks through the door, not to make sure that classes are neatly split into different racial groups.

It is completely ridiculous to give parents the choice of where they send their child to school, and then become upset when parents don’t choose the school that the district thinks is the best demographic fit.

Should the government stop people from buying a home in the neighborhood of their choice because it might make that neighborhood racially imbalanced?

If all the schools in Kershaw County are providing an excellent education for the students, who chooses to send their child to what school should not be an issue. This is parent choice, not a bureaucratic choice!

Parents must be allowed to decide what school is best for their child, and the school district should support that decision. This situation in Kershaw County is just another example of the bureaucratic education system being put ahead of the needs of students.




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