School Choice News Round-Up

An oddly-title report by Education Oversight Committee (“Closing the Achievement Gap”) found that “the sizes of the achievement gaps in English/Language Arts and math in 2007 generally increased compared to 2006, reflecting the general lack of progress overall in performance on the ELA and math tests.”

A former assistant principal from Sumter District 17 has been ordered to pay $44,000 more in restitution for his part in a $3 million scheme to defraud taxpayers.

Richland County’s central plan for school infrastructure continues to spiral out of control. A new estimate puts the bill at $620 million, or 13 percent above the last upward revision.

Spartanburg District 7 adopted a watered down public transfer plan. Strict limitations on school capacity, district boundaries, re-applications, and lack of transportation funding will ensure that only a select few children will enjoy the ability to change from one underperforming public school to another.

The Cincinnati Enquirer wrote an excellent article detailing how school choice in Ohio has led to urban renewal in parts of Cincinnati where low-income parents have access to choice schools.

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