Who needs parents when we have Jim Rex?

According to this article in The Post and Courier, a new initiative to battle obesity among school children is in the works. With the help of local farmers, schools will be providing doughy students with fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Who is going to make sure fat laden snacks are snatched from the hands of South Carolina students?

None other than do- gooder Jim Rex.

‘Participating schools will make nutrition education a priority so that students learn the importance of these items in a healthy diet,’ State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex said in a news release from the Department of Education. ‘We believe that by creating healthier school environments early, we can help our young people develop good eating habits that will last throughout their lives.’

Thank goodness parents in South Carolina have Jim Rex around to do their jobs for them. After all, he knows what schools are best for kids and how they should be fed and educated about healthy diets. We’re waiting with bated breath to see what other parental duties he plans to bring under the loving oversight of the Department of Education.

While it is touching to know that Jim Rex cares about children’s health; having him say that the the Department of Education is going to make nutrition education a ‘priority’ is hardly encouraging. They supposedly consider things like reading and math to be ‘ priorities’ too, and we sure haven’t seen any progress on that front.

This is just another classic example of the ludicrous posturing Rex’s Department of Education has become famous for. In the state with the lowest graduation rate in the nation, we would like to think the the highest education official would be addressing issues like low test scores and educational accountability, not working out food pyramids (BTW, what ever happen to the four food groups? Was that like “new math?”).

Rex should be showing the same alacrity in tackling the educational problems facing South Carolina schools as he is with the nutritional ones. Giving parents the ability to choose the best school for their own child would be a step in the right direction.


2 responses to “Who needs parents when we have Jim Rex?

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