Bureaucrats Enjoy 1st Class Accommodations


Sadly, the majority of money spent on public schools in South Carolina is not going to students in the classroom. Recently The Voice for School Choice explained how only 44 cents on the dollar goes to the teachers and students in the form of instructional spending. In a state that allocates over $7 billion a year in the name of “education,” we think it’s fair to know where the rest of that money is being spent.

While perusing the SC Comptroller General’s ” Spending Transparency” website, we came across a perfect example of what is wrong with education spending in the Palmetto State.

Last November, State Department of Education staff members racked up nearly $2,000 in bills at Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach, the self-described “finest” hotel in the city. This and other lavish hotel stays totaled nearly $17,000 of receipts for in-state lodging in November alone.

It’s good to know that amid the pressures of steering the nation’s lowest performing public school system further off course, state bureaucrats have found a way to leech a relaxing stay at Myrtle Beach off the public purse. No need to skim on anything less than four-stars if the taxpayers are picking up the tab. Maybe the “breathtaking views of the wide, sandy beaches and Kingston Plantation” will just wash away South Carolina’s forty-seven percent graduation rate!


8 responses to “Bureaucrats Enjoy 1st Class Accommodations

  1. Did someone from the Department of Education really stay at the Kingston Plantation the night before Thanksgiving?

    I guess the Kingston is a nice stop-off before going to Grandma’s house…

  2. Did they actually stay through the holiday? These people blow through our money because they think no one will find out. Keep digging, I’m sure there is more to expose.

  3. Our government spending is so out of control. Does this really surprise any of you? They vote themselves raises and benefits, only have to serve one term to reap all the benefits and it’s our tax money they are taking. ANYONE READY TO SHOW THEM ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ ARE JUST ABOUT READY FOR ANOTHER TEA PARTY THAT WILL MAKE THE LAST ONE LOOK LIKE A CHILDRENS’ SUMMER CAMP EVENT? I am fed up with this. America is no longer the ‘best place to live’. Remember we were once told ‘It may have its faults, but there isn’t a better place’. Remember that one? WELL I AM HERE TO TELL YOU THERE ARE FAR BETTER PLACES TO LIVE NOW. LESS CRIME, BETTER CULTURE, BETTER EDUCATION, ETC. I won’t lie to you and tell you that you won’t have to give up all the things you have here….but there is a time for compromise and give and take. You give up something for something more important to you. I’m beginning to think the people I know who are moving (and taking their citizenship with them) haven’t ‘lost their minds’ as I once accused them. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and I may be one that might be joining them.

  4. T. Skinner,

    Thanks for letting us all know that we will soon be deprived of your company here in the States. Have a nice life in Canada.

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  7. T. Skinner Your right on. I too have had thoughts of leaving this greedy, stupid, just look at the politicians, they dont pay taxes and get promoted in their jobs. HOW MESSED UP IS THAT? The citizens are losing control of our freedom and power to regulate our gov. spending and we need to take it back before its too late. The Gov. is growing fast and whos gonna pay for thier out of control spending?
    Competition is what makes this country great, but if you teach every child special even if hes stupid, this is what we get. I could write a book about this but who has time? We have work and pay high taxes so our educaters and all Gov. can enjoy their overworked selves time off . We the People, what happened to those words? Its now we the Greedy Gov….. LS

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