South Carolina Public School News Round-Up

Richland District 2 releases a pork filled $192 million budget for 2009 ($13,000+ per child). Not be outdone, Richland 1 proposes an outrageous $254 million ($15,000+ per child).

Callous administrators in Sumter fight for their new multi-million dollar administrative building, despite the looming consolidation of school districts in that county.

Bob Walker wants South Carolina teacher salaries to directly finance union dues, while national teacher unions organize massive strikes.

A public school teacher’s aid in Myrtle Beach confesses to improprieties with a student.

Implementation of a uniform national measure for determining high school graduation rates will force South Carolina bureaucrats to get honest about the 53 percent dropout rate.

In Dillion 2, where the District Superintendent is salaried at $133,000, junior high band members are forced to fundraise for their own (reconditioned) instruments.

Twenty-five years after the publication of “Nation at Risk,” George Will argues the situation in our public schools has worsened.


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