School Choice News Roundup

Advanced Placement Test scores were announced. South Carolina students still take fewer AP tests than their national peers and earn lower scores. South Carolina’s neighbors, Georgia and North Carolina, continue to out-pace the national average.

Oconee Superintendent Mike Lucas ($138,881 in salary and benefits) endorses amendment to change the SC Constitution, avoids discussion of real educational reform and choices for parents.

Greenville News considers attempts to retain public school teachers in rural districts, defends use of housing subsidies, ignores merit pay.

Despite an average of $11,480 in per pupil spending and only 48 percent reading proficiency among high school students, education bureaucrats continue spending money on laptops rather than basic instruction.

A public school teacher in Mrytle Beach was suspending for leaving a gun on the hood of her truck and a former public school teacher’s aid in North Charleston was sentenced for sexual improprieties with a student.

Research at Heritage describes a possible connection between middle income housing troubles and lack of access to quality K-12 education.

The Washington Post argues that school choice is the best tool for students and public schools in DC.


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