School Choice News and Views

The Item reports slow progress on the consolidation of public school districts in Sumter. Massive 25 member panel already weeks behind schedule.

Special needs scholarships (like those rejected by SC House members) praised in Phoenix’s East Tribune paper.

Determined to block real school choice for all children, South Carolina bureaucrats suggest expansion of Montessori schools within the public system.

Editorialists at the Philadelphia Inquirer point to school choice as a necessary component of real K-12 reform.

Public High School Principal in North Charleston tries to raise awareness about the drop-out problem, encourages parental involvement (fails to mention $11,550 in per pupil spending at his school).

New research by the Hoover Institute finds that “Americans think that far less is being spent on the nation’s public schools than is actually the case. The vast majority of the public thinks we spend amounts that can only be described as minuscule, and almost 96 percent of the public underestimate either per-pupil spending in their districts or teacher salaries in their states.”

The Wall Street Journal argues that campaign finance “reform” and other calls for “change” mask a defense of the status quo and unjustly limit political speech.


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