SDE Double Standard…Again

“Pot, meet kettle.” Educrats eager for corporately donated computers, reject corporate tax credts for K-12 scholarships.

According to this article in The State, students in Marion School District 7 can expect 500 new laptops, courtesy of private donations.

The SC Department of Education district report card for Marion 7 indicates that only 15.4% of 8th graders in the district are proficient or advanced in reading and writing, and only 4% of 8th graders are proficient or advanced in Social Studies.

Doling out laptops to children in a school district that performs worse academically than some Third World countries seems to be little more than a publicity stunt to mask the scandalous educational situation.

The same people who fawn over private contributors giving computers to underprivileged children are aghast at the idea of someone donating money to send the same child to a school where they could actually learn to read and write.

After all, why should students get a quality education when they can have a quality computer instead?

This is just another example of the education establishment’s brazen double standard that keeps children in failing schools, and the bureaucrats in control. If Jim Rex and friends accept corporate donations of computers, why do they fight so aggressively against Scholarship Granting Organizations ( SGO) for low income children?


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