SCEA: Public Money to Payoff Lawmakers

South Carolina’s worst-in-the-nation public schools are home to a 47 percent high school graduation rate, a 49th place average SAT score, and growing performance gaps between racial and income groups. This despite a whopping $11,480 per child in spending (among the nation’s highest when adjusted for state income).

Rather than working to remedy the tragic situation, the politically-connected teachers’ union (South Carolina Education Association or “SCEA”) is determined to stall any legislative attempt at reforming public education – especially school choice.

Toward that end, SCEA recently made $7,000 in bribes campaign contributions to Columbia lawmakers, split equally among the two political parties. The $3,500 donations of soft money to both the Senate Republican and Senate Democratic Caucuses will help incumbent senators fight off attacks from reform-minded challengers. The Caucuses can use the cash to compliment their members’ reelection spending, without the money being calculated as a direct individual donations to the candidate.

Why a public sector union, comprised of school teachers and financed in part through taxdollars, would spend $7,000 in member’s dues to protect seated Senators (without regard to their political party) begs the question: what is the SCEA looking to accomplish in next year’s legislative session?


9 responses to “SCEA: Public Money to Payoff Lawmakers

  1. wow. that is nuts. i might see a partisan donation (if the dems were better at protecting the union’s agenda) or even targeted bi-partisan donations (to dems and lefty republicans that voted pro-SCEA last year), but simply throwing cash at both caucuses seems like explicit influence peddling.

  2. Eyekanhaz,
    I for one prefer my “explicit influence peddling” to be non taxpayer financed. Sure, the SCEA may be making a gamble by paying off both sides (and corporations often do the same thing) but the ridiculous thing is that our “underpaid” public school teacher are using their taxpayer financed salaries to feed the SCEA’s lobbying. I believe Superintendents and other higher ups actually have SCEA and SCASA dues paid for directly by the districts, not out of their paychecks.
    All that is money that belongs to the kids…

  3. neutral observer

    Let’s not forget the Education Chairman Bob Walker wants to have the state serve as bag man for the union and send money to the radical National Education Association union. The corruption is so deep you need hip-boots to walk into the State House.

  4. Neutral Observer:
    You don’t sound so neutral to me, and I totally agree with you that “the corruption is deep in the state house”. VOTE THE RASCALS OUT ON JUNE 10TH. In my view, no incumbents should be “left standing”.

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