Consultants Promise Same Failures, New Logo

Sleazy consultants repackage failure and filth as “transparency and reform.”

Worried that South Carolina’s decrepit public schools might lose their coveted last-in-the-nation status to long time rival Mississippi, lobbyists and political consultants are working on overdrive to defend the failures and convince weary taxpayers to “stay the course.

I’ll be honest with you,” explained an unnamed consultant, “we are running scared.”

Experts point to South Carolina’s 47 percent high school gradation rate and 49th placed SAT scores as indication that its title as “nation’s worst” is well deserved. But growing support for K-12 scholarships and tax credits threatens to unseat the status quo. Across the state, candidates committed to more options for parents are aggressively challenging incumbent lawmakers.

South Carolinians are proud of their exceptionality, and our government schools are no different,” the anonymous lobbyist observed. “Taking a cue from our pollsters, we have been working to dress up our decades old message of big government waste and patronage in the hip new clothes of ‘change, reform and transparency.’”

In a last ditch effort to maintain control over education money and power in South Carolina, bureaucrats and seated politicians have sought out the most mercenary elements of Columbia’s political underworld. Lobbyists and consultants working for Ross Shealy and Warren Tompkins have teamed up for this full-scale attack. They are working hard to stamp out dissent among outraged voters, using the language of truth and transparency to disguise their message of waste, failure, and political power.

At more that $11,000 spent per kid, we are talking $8 billion in annual appropriations – we’d be crazy not to fight hard for a big piece of that pie,” explained the well-paid consultant, outlining his extravagant plan to circle the wagons around failing schools and government waste. “It’s a simple scam, but we are betting the people will swallow it hook, line and sinker.”

But voters and seasoned observers remain skeptical. The well-documented track record of the Shealy-Tompkins political machine makes it clear: a new logo for the same politics of government waste and educational failure will fool no one.


3 responses to “Consultants Promise Same Failures, New Logo

  1. florence childers

    we need to demand better schools for our kids. the pact test is not a good test of knowledge for our kids and it’s a waste of time. our kids have too much waste of school hours as it is these last 2 weeks of school days is spent on field trips or movies orplaytime known as free time and our schools think that they know what’s good for our kids. these last two weeks needs to be spent on reviewing what they have learned for the school year in order not to be behind at the start of the next year. i would prefer to go all year round as too much time is spent on review. everybody including the tourosm industry has more control over our kids education than the parents. it’s time our children’s education is not decided by outsiders that is just in it for the money. our congress is selling our kid’s future out and they need to be stopped

  2. no surprise to see these tricksters at it again. it is unreal to think that so many people can profit from bad public policy.

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