Carl Gullick: Philosopher King

The Voice for School Choice learned something amazing this morning while perusing The Rock Hill Herald: Carl Gullick knows everything.

How did we come to this conclusion? Read the quote below.

According to The Herald,

Gullick says there is ultimately no difference between vouchers and tuition tax credits; both divert money from public schools. Gullick said he opposes both approaches.

“Either the government gives it to the private schools, or the government gives it to the families and says, ‘You have to give it,'” Gullick said. “It’s like saying we’re not in favor of mailing it, but we’ll FedEx it. It’s semantics.”

Gullick went on to add that tax credits are “like a voucher for morons” and that the reason candidates avoid using the term “vouchers” is because it doesn’t poll as well as saying “tax credits.”

Like his mentor Socrates, Carl’s commanding use of induction and argument from analogy remind us why he needs to hold the reins of power.

Public policy, economics, linguistics…is there anything the man doesn’t comprehensively grasp?

According to the Friedman Foundation ( and the rest of the world) there IS a difference between vouchers and tax credits. No doubt Carl is already familiar with every subtle nuance of the definitions, but here they are for everyone else.

“These programs allow parents to use all or part of the government funding set aside for their children’s education to send their children to the public or private school of their choice.”

Tax Credits

Tax-credit Scholarship Programs

“Individuals and/or corporations get a tax credit for making donations to private charitable organizations, which use the money to fund scholarships for students.”

Personal Tax Credits and Deductions

“Parents are given a tax credit or tax deduction from state income taxes for approved educational expenses.”

Really Carl, why deign to run as a Republican?

The Republican Party includes school choice as part of its platform. Republican leaders all across the nation have voiced their support of school choice. Do you really want to be associated with a group that is so far below your plane of knowledge?

After all, if they support tax credits, that makes them ‘morons’ in your eyes, right?

Maybe Carl Gullick’s real need is to rule South Carolina through his own force of will. Perhaps by extending his two-year term to a full five year reign he might finally have the freedom to use his superior understanding to devise a top-down, command and control restructuring of both the educational system and the larger state economy.Naturally he will need the unfettered authority to ‘re-educate’ those of us who fail to appreciate the genius of his vision for South Carolina.

Only then could he be free of the petty ideas of the rest of mankind and benevolently dictate truth and justice as a Philosopher King.


20 responses to “Carl Gullick: Philosopher King

  1. neutral observer

    What an ass! Government doesn’t “give” to anybody. Government takes, and takes, and takes. It spends on what it wants. But Comrade Gullick wants to dictate the spending of every dime. And this pompus jerk calls himself a Republican? He is to the left of Obama.

  2. Just because Gullick is too puffed up with his own self-importance to read up on the difference between a voucher and a tax credit doesn’t mean the rest of us are too. I guess he thinks a bunch of the taxpayers in his district are morons? Jackass

  3. RockintheHill

    Hilarious! gettin sick of know it all politicians who think you owe them a vote…he can forget one from me or my wife

  4. It cheapens your argument when your resort to personal attacks – you should debate the merits of the issue. Rep. Gullick has been a very strong supporter of education in SC and during his time as York County Council Chair, the county made some very progressive moves to deal with growth.

  5. JBV – good to see you are taking the time from your shill blog to defend the schools in York. Sadly, despite our focus on facts and figures, when someone like Gullick uses the term “moron” in a detailed policy debate we are forced to condescend a bit.

    Last year District Three (York) had an average SAT score of 984, with less than 2/3rd of your students even taking the test.

    That’s 33 points below the national average and 20 points below the North Carolina mean.

    Sounds like the government monopoly schools are doing a great job for the families up there – you and Gullick have much to be proud of!

    Too bad your kids deserve better.

  6. BanzaiLemonz

    Jbv-If he was a ‘very strong supporter of education’ then he would be willing to look into DIFFERENT ways of doing things. Don’t try to equate someone who is against changing the system with ” strong support of education.” How is that debating the merits of the issue? I don’t know anything about the guy runnning but he has to be better than what they have now

  7. The difference between USPS and Fedex/UPS is that the former is a default monopoly that is protected through regulation, subsidies, and still lacks in the customer service (though it has improved since it began to compete with UPS/FedEx).

    On the other hand UPS/FedEx/DHL and others benefit from government spending, in the form of roads, but still deliver a public good (communication and delivery) more effectively and efficiently than the USPS through the private market.

    Maybe Gullick can be a purist, and pass a law ensuring no state or local government entity in all of South Carolina can ever use UPS or FedEx. Then he can be sure his precious government continues to grow.

  8. teachin5th

    if that’s the best he can come up with to say why he doesnt like voucehers and tax credts then he is in for a rought ime. more and more people I know are wishing they had a way to put their kids in better schools. I sure do. we morons may just have to vote for someone who respects us a little more

  9. RINO_Hunter

    It is always smart to call the people who live in your district Morons. Carl Gullick has proven by this comment that he is a moron. I don’t believe he is on the Governors “hit list” I think he has made so many mistakes and is so paranoid that he created the “hit list” to get sympathy votes. He represents one of the largest districts in SC. We really deserve better.

  10. Everyone around here knows that Carl has been whining and crying about being ‘targeted’ since he got into the House. his own choices in office are the real problem. Of all the things to take a stand on, he just had to go and make it status quo education.

  11. my sister sent me a link to your blog. About time someone smacked down Carl Gullick.

  12. I’m not knowledgeable about politics, but even I know enough not to call voters in your own district morons if they agree with something you don’t ( in this case tax credits). This makes him look B-A-D

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  14. “Smug” is a good word to describe Gullick’s attitude. Well, after “liberal”

  15. TigerCheer

    Big shock, yet another fat cat politican with no idea about policy, law, or governance. the voters who choose him certainly got what they deserve. Thankfully there are some folks running who have more to offer this year!

  16. Carl Gullick acts like he is already a king that has been voted in for a second term. He tried his usual arrogant tactics at the debate and looked like fool. His opponent obviously knows nothing about politics, but his sincerity goes a long way with a lot of people around here.

  17. Heaven preserve us from Carl Gullick getting elected again…

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  19. Anyone with this much disdain for the voters will not be above playing dirty in this election. I hope someone is keeping an eye on him. No doubt the school districts will be rallying their people to go out and support the candidate who will never question what they do…Wise up!

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