Keith Kelly to Parents: All is well in Shangri La

Keith Kelly in a Walter Mitty Moment

It doesn’t take a PhD in advanced statistical theory to recognize that all is not right in South Carolina’s public schools. Learning about the worst in the nation graduation rate is usually all it takes to clue in most people to the fact that something drastic needs to be done to change the way we fund education in South Carolina.

When we say “most people,” we mean everyone but power hungry bureaucrats and their bevy of fawning politicians and parasitic lobbyists.

Spartanburg legislator Keith Kelly minces no words regarding his personal feelings on bureaucratic waste and redundant administrative spending. His opinion?

“It’s not broken, folks, and let’s don’t fix it.”

What an encouragement that is! What a burden lifted from our shoulders!

There’s nothing that allays fear during a crisis quite like unfounded optimism. Got kids in a failing school? Forget about it. Just let Keith Kelly’s soothing down-home platitudes wrap around you like a warm and comforting blanket.

Here are a few facts about our unbroken school system that Kelly is apparently quite willing to let you live with.

Statewide, South Carolina spends over $11,000 per public school student, but less than 45 cents actually reaches the children and teachers. The rest goes into the abyss of bureaucratic waste and patronage. The facts leave us with two conclusions. Either 1.) Kelly is just too ignorant to be crafting educational policy, or 2.) He is trying to mislead voters to make himself look like he’s on the right side of the ball.

Let’s be charitable for a moment. Perhaps Kelly just thinks his schools in Woodruff are not “broken.” Does that mean he is perfectly satisfied to let the “other” kids wallow in failing public schools down in the Corridor of Shame?

Maybe, but he’s still wrong. According to the SC Budget and Control Board’s local government finance report, Spartanburg schools are no exception to the rule of waste, spending a mere 47 cents per dollar on student instruction. The pitiful amount actually going to the classroom should help explain why Spartanburg’s seven school districts, described by Kelly as excellent, earned an average SAT score 15 points below the national average in 2007.

Kelly’s obtuse defense of failing schools doesn’t exactly bolster his credibility as a lawmaker. If he isn’t insightful enough to see his that office should be used for promoting true education for children, not blindly defending the system that fails them,then maybe he needs to stick to lawyering.

“It’s not broken, folks, and let’s don’t fix it.”

Thank goodness Kelly isn’t a mechanic.


12 responses to “Keith Kelly to Parents: All is well in Shangri La

  1. he may not be a bad guy, but it’s a very stupid comment…You can have choice and still not take money for public schools. The sooner politicians like Keith figure that out, the sooner they can start sounding like they know what they are talking abotu when they say they support education.

  2. Keith Kelly’s disclosure reads like a “Who’s Who of Trial Lawyers” in South Carolina.

    Maximum contribution from the SC Trial Lawyers PAC and law firm after law firm….

    Protecting Their Own – That’s How Those Lawyers Do It!

  3. It does need fixing

    Only someone with their head buried completely in the sand would say that about schools not being “broken”. Unless of course he is just taking the easy way out of the discussion and ignoring the real situation in so many schools. Either way it shows we can do better than kelly.

  4. he’s a politician, what do you expect? It would take guts and determination to try to fix education in south carolina. these officials believe whatever swill the defenders of failing schools give them because they think it is the path of least resistance.throw in total inability tothink for yourself and you have a candidate like Keith Kelly.

  5. TigerCheer

    What a narcissist! Condescending politicians and their rich friends make a mockery of our state. This is why we are last in everything.

  6. h20upstate

    My mom has never read a blog in her life and she nearly died when she read this. He’s a republican for crying out loud!!!!How does he think he can say things like that?Wake up kelly, your “everything is fine” perception is costing the rest of us

  7. Poor guy. He probably thinks he sounded really patriotic and “loyal” to local schools when he made that comment. If he knew how much his poor understanding of parental choice hurts schools, maybe he would be more careful in his choice of words.

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  9. The only way to explain this is justification of effort. He has spat out the same unfounded and poll-tested sound bites so many times that he may believe them himself. ANY suburban school district in Georgia or North Carolina (not to mention the rest of the US) can beat the Spartanburg schools by leaps and bounds – but folks like Kelly dont want to admit it, and have too small a vision to even notice it if they wanted to

  10. I don’t know about all the statistics and numbers for every school district in the state, but I do deal with the results of it every day. Kids are not getting the education they need, and as a result the go through life trying to make up for big chunks of knowledge that they never learned in their schools. For Kelly to say that shows that he is walking around with his eyes closed. Oh, and he can stop sending me mailers about how all the big mean “special interest groups” are attacking him. If he gets questioned or even attacked based on how he votes, that’s the way it works and he should have a real answer, not just complaining that he is being bullied.

  11. he really is having a walter mitty moment if he thinks any of my family will vote for him.

  12. I just hope Kelly will consider that a whole lot of people voted for Nutt, and that maybe he should start taking their wishes more seriously. Maybe in these next two years he can start broadening his own understanding of the issues facing the state, especially education.

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