Higher Graduation Rates in Choice Schools

South Carolina’s public schools are home to the lowest on-time high school graduation rate in the nation.

With only 47 percent of outgoing 8th graders going on to receive diplomas four year later, South Carolina’s bureaucrats and lawmakers have made a virtual cottage industry of the attempt to hide or miscalculate the failures. Instead they ought to be looking for ways to correct the situation.

Research shows that competition, in the form of school choice, can improve student performance, leading to more successful graduates The newest data is from Wisconsin:

Students in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) graduate at a higher rate than students in the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), according to an analysis of five years of data by a national expert.

In “Graduation Rates for Choice and Public School Students in Milwaukee: 2003-2007,” John Robert Warren, Ph.D., compares graduation data for students in the MPCP and the MPS. Dr. Warren concludes that “students in the MPCP are more likely to graduate from high school than MPS students.”

Full details of the study can be found here.

The gory details of South Carolina’s high school failures can be found here.


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