Government “Paid Cheerleaders” Tell Citizens How to Vote

Last week the Voice for School Choice exposed the shameless and illegal political maneuvering of Lexington School District One, which sent out thousands of emails to its employees, telling them how to vote in the June 10th primary election

Just days before the election, Mary Beth Hill, Communications Officer for Lexington School District One, used district computers and district email addresses to pressure staff members to vote against any candidate who might support school choice.

Lexington One has a sordid history of taxpayer financed political advocacy, and is wasting even more public money by unnecessarily fighting a lawsuit to defend its controversial use of government websites and emails for political lobbying.

Perhaps the district might be willing to take responsibility if someone more politically aligned with teachers’ union and government monopoly schools chose to address the issue. Luckily liberal Democrat John Kerry has done just that.

On June 6, US Senators Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), John Kerry (D-MA), Bob Menendez (D-NJ), and Byron Dorgan (D-ND) introduced S. 3099, a bill that would prevent the US Department of Defense from using public funds in order to sway public opinion.

Frustrated with what he called “taxpayer financed propaganda,” liberal Senator Menendez made his position clear: “There is no need for paid cheerleaders to support an argument.”

Menendez is right. Public money for political cheerleading is an outrage. And, with a 100 percent pro public education voting record (according to the NEA) Menendez is clearly a defender of public schools. Perhaps the liberal Senator from New Jersey can contact Superintendent Woodward and let her know that government has no business telling its citizens how to vote.


4 responses to “Government “Paid Cheerleaders” Tell Citizens How to Vote

  1. as if the public money for the unions and proffesional organizations (SCEA, SCASA, et al) is not enough tay payer fiananced lobbying already! if they are ordering their employees to vote one way or another you can only imagine how they are indoctrinating the kids!

  2. This is bat s–t insane. If ANY other government entity did something like this EVERYONE would be up in arms and the mainstream media would be in a tizzy. Imagine if the post office told its mail carriers to vote for Obama or the DMV told its staff to vote for Sanford. It would be a huge scandal, but since evryone thinks all educrats are saints who benevolently love children, this has totallly slipped under the radar.

  3. if a teacher or administrator ever used their computer to advocate for school choice, they would probably be fired and have editorials written about their low behavior. I guess it is just fine if you are telling people to vote against school choice. The education establishment doesn’t even bother to hide their double standard any more.

  4. It’s a bad indicator when John Kerry has to call you down

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