SC Education Chief Abuses Ethics Law, Public Trust

With the recent news of Lexington School District One’s disregard for ethics law still causing uproar among voters around the state, another flagrant transgression of state ethics law has been dragged into the light.

Since his election as Superintendent of Education in 2006, Jim Rex has sought to undermine school choice reform efforts by any means possible. Through grandstanding, manipulation, and outright deception, Rex has fought to squelch anything and anyone who would try to improve South Carolina’s worst in the nation schools through parental choice and educational competition.

Despite his rabid assaults on school choice, Rex has never been accused of illegal activity…until now.

Following the Lexington One debacle, The Voice for School Choice invited readers to submit their own examples of status quo educrats misusing their positions to fight real reform. The response was overwhelming.

Several intrepid readers submitted a propaganda- laden email sent to them by none other than Jim Rex. In the email, which was paid for by his campaign account, Rex advocates the defeat of a laundry-list of State House and State Senate candidates across South Carolina who support school choice and urges readers to vote against them in the June 10th primary. This independent expenditure from Rex’s campaign account violates our state’s ethics laws, which specifically prohibit such activity.

South Carolinians need to ask this question: Are Rex’s actions that of a career educator, or of a shrewd and practiced politician? Is he using his position as a Constitutional officer to advance the educational interests’ of South Carolina’s children, or to block legislative reforms designed to improve failing schools?

Rex has unnecessarily politicized the office of Superintendent. His meddling in Legislative races breaks the law and the public trust.

As a constitutional officer, Rex’s responsibility is facilitating academic progress, not using public office to interject himself into legislative races.


19 responses to “SC Education Chief Abuses Ethics Law, Public Trust

  1. I’m no lawyer but it sure looks shady. Superintendent Rex should have plenty to be keeping him busy without telling folks who to vote for

  2. FrustratedFamily

    if he DOES have political capital (and recall he only won by a few hundred votes statewide) he ought to use it to push reform through the stubborn local district superintendent, not illegally throw himself in statehouse races. if this is illegal i hope they follow through and charge him. i am eager to hear how he tries to spin this!

  3. BogusCommenter198

    He’s a educrat!

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  5. I read his slick email. he tried to cover his ass just enough to avoid anyone saying anything, but it should be obvious to anyone but a fool that he’s asking people to vote against the school choice supporting candidates.

  6. What public trust? I don’t trust anyone who gets elected just to screw over parents who want their kids out of failing schools.
    He better receive some kind of censure for this. For that matter he should step down!!!!!
    Do the decent thing and STEP DOWN REX!!!!

  7. FrustratedFamily

    great to see how the m.s. media have covered this… oh wait, they didn’t! their liberal blinders prevent any criticism of rex, even if his actions are blatantly illegal!

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  9. It disgusts me to see a public official, especially one who directly influences the future of the children of this state, blatantly break the law. What is worse is that no one bats an eye. How can this be overlooked?

  10. Ah, the joys of homeschooling!

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