The Lightness in My Wallet Gives Me a New Bounce to My Step

The EDstablishment frequently makes an unfounded claim about the relationship between spending taxpayer dollars on schools and making real gains in student achievement. Basically, they say: if taxpayers would just open their wallets, students would learn more. That’s pretty convenient for them, isn’t it?

Of course the evidence doesn’t support the slogan. But never mind, say the status quo stakeholders, just give us more taxpayer cash!

Steve Forbes has a pithy comment pointing out the chicanery and self-dealing going on here:

For decades state courts have forced politicians to spend increasing amounts of money on schools, despite there being no demonstrable link between outlays and outcomes. New Jersey, for example, has some of the worst schools in the country in beleaguered cities such as Camden, Elizabeth and Newark, even though per-pupil spending in those schools runs around $20,000, about twice the national average.

When people tell you that educational improvement comes with tax hikes, you can only be certain you’ll get the latter.


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