Orangeburg Brain Trust Ponders Fuel Costs

In response to increasing fuel costs, Orangeburg Representative Jerry Govan is bending the full weight of his intellect toward lessening the impact of high fuel costs on South Carolinians. The result of this world- shaking endeavor? A four day school week.

This from the Orangeburg Times and Democrat-

“It’s worth discussing,” said state Rep. Jerry Govan, D-Orangeburg, who plans to introduce legislation calling for a statewide four-day work week.
In addition, he is currently researching the possibility of a four-day school week. He says such a move would save the state more than $10 million per year to operate school buses alone.

What a surprise. There go our hopes of Govan suggesting that Orangeburg school districts undergo an audit to determine what redundancies and waste can be culled out to free up money for necessities… like fuel for buses.

Alas, no such competence was forthcoming from Representative Govan. In a state plagued with a fifty percent drop out rate, an increasing achievement gap, and bottom line SAT and ACT scores, this representative actually wants to cut time spent at school.

This is exactly the disregard for quality instruction that contributes to South Carolina’s lowest-in-the-nation educational standing. Instead of streamlining government and the public education system to eliminate waste; big government politicians come up with hare-brained ideas to try to compensate for their own reluctance to reform anything. Even when given the opportunity to use the power of their vote to engage real progress through school choice, officials like Govan prefer to maintain the status quo in the name of “defending public schools.”

Govan had a chance to do something about the fuel needs of schools in his district. He could have spoken up against his fellow legislators who hoarded millions of tax dollars in the Competitive Grants slush fund and demanded that it go toward meeting basic state needs. Govan had this chance and didn’t touch it. This reality should put his,and every other legislator’s, talk about wanting to help schools deal with fuel costs in perspective.

In the meantime, we can continue to expect more policy gems like this.

In addition to shorter school weeks, Govan also wants to reduce the speed limit on interstate highways to cut down on fuel consumption.

It’s good to know that the best and brightest who brought South Carolina the nation’s worst K-12 system have more ambitious plans to meddle in the state’s already lackluster economy.

We cringe when we consider what the next hapless object of Representative Govan’s fuel crisis “innovation” might be. Lawnmowers and go-karts beware!


3 responses to “Orangeburg Brain Trust Ponders Fuel Costs

  1. Every time I start to wonder why South Cackalacky is considered backward, one of our idiot legislators goes and reminds me exactly why. Lower the speed limit to cut down on gas? If you’re watching your fuel gauge ( which I usually am)…USE CRUISE CONTROL. We don’t need more ridiculous legislation to control every little thing. Being personally responsible must mean nothing to this guy.

  2. CD Willard

    From what I know of how bad Orangeburg public schools are, I already assumed they were only showing up 3-4 days a week. I’m sure many of the people teaching there work hard, but I’m guessing their administration is a total clown college. Looks like their local representative does not have much to offer in the way of setting them straight.

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