The Hypocrisy of Bill Sandifer

“The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity.”- Andre Gide

Last week The Voice for School Choice brought you an exclusive uncovering of Representative Dan Cooper’s out of state special interest gluttony. Cooper is a particularly noticeable example of an elected official lapping up out of state corporate special interest money, but certainly not the only one.

One of the legislators known to cry the loudest about the evil influence of out of state money is Oconee representative Bill Sandifer. During the most recent primary elections, Sandifer never equivocated on his feelings about candidates who take “special interest” contributions to fund their campaigns. In a May article published by The Daily Journal, Sandifer indicates that out of state money going to a candidate would cause him to suspect that, if elected, the candidate would simply be a pawn of his donors. Sandifer clearly sees himself as separate from this kind of suspect behavior.

In reference to Sandifer’s own fund raising practices, the article states-

Sandifer, however, does have one contribution of $500 from a contributor in Ohio. The Timken Company, which produces metals, allows and other miscellaneous industrial materials, has strong ties to the state, Sandifer said.

Following an explanation of why a tainted contribution from out of state would appear on his disclosure form, Sandifer reiterates his commitment to local fundraising.

“My contributions have been from people and or companies that I know, people I work with and that I have openly solicited their contributions.”

The contributors listed in Representative Sandifer’s campaign disclosure forms paint a very different picture of what money he is willing to “solicit.”

In his April 10th, 2008 ethics filing, Sandifer did have only one out-of-state donation; the $500 Timken contribution he acknowledges in the article. What Sandifer must have found unworthy of mention is the many thousands of dollars poured into his campaign coffers by out of state corporations in the previous filings.

According to forms filled with the SC State Ethics Commission, Sandifer acknowledges taking almost $18,000 from out- of- state corporations in 2008.

Incidentally, Sandifer received more money from out of state than his opponent in the June 2008 primary.

Factor in out-of-state corporate money from 2007, and Sandifer’s special interest total jumps to well over $25,000 for 2007 and 2008.

The companies that pay big money to keep Sandifer in their corner are hardly the small town donors he claims to go to for reelection money.

Here are just a few of Sandifer’s out of state benefactors-

Reynolds American -$500

Check In to Cash -$500

Lorillard Tobacco -$1000

Phillip Morris USA-$500

Takeda Pharmaceuticals-$1000

Progress Energy Services-$1000


If Sandifer asserts that taking large quantities of “special interest” money indicates a candidate is easily controlled by his contributors, what does that say about his own candidacy? Are the residents of Oconee County to assume that Sandifer is controlled by Big Tobacco, Payday Lenders, and Pharmaceutical companies? By his own words they should.

The laughable hypocrisy demonstrated by Representative Sandifer, and many of his fellow lawmakers, is a vivid example of why improving education and the economy of South Carolina is such an uphill battle. Incumbent politicians demonstrate year after year that reelection is far more important to them than transparent government and quality leadership. The very fact that Sandifer can feel comfortable pointing the finger of accusation at others, even with his own hands full of special interest checks, shows the low level of direction the state can expect from many like him in the General Assembly.

13 responses to “The Hypocrisy of Bill Sandifer

  1. True Conservative

    Sandifer says he is a “real conservative” but he is against school choice, against the income tax cut, against party based primaries, against restructuring the outdate state government, and on and on…

  2. As Sandifer’s opponent and target during the primary in June I learned more about him then you would like to know. But to add to hypocrisy I would mention mendacity,arrogance, and void of any positive character. These are not just my words but those who know Sandifer and who phoned me during the primary.

  3. Right on! Add mendacity to hypocrisy.

  4. Did all of Sandifer’s out-of-state contributions come from “different” LLCs all housed in one room in New York City?

    Rumsey, didn’t he beat you like stole some of Howard Rich’s money? How many people could have possibly called you during the primary?

  5. calhounfawls

    I see sour grapes. You guys got some big money from Howard Rich and friens, blew it and lost. It has to hurt. Now, you are going after the guy who beat your butts at the polls for taking money from businesses that actually operate in SC.

    I realize you have to justify your spending to the people from New York who fund you, but this is just pure sour grapes.

    Grow up and get a real job and then you can be a man and tell Howie that you just blew it.

  6. Draven, You must be on Sandifer’s payroll. Everyone around here ( and elsewhere) heard Sandifer bitch and moan about other people getting money from NY and other places not in South Carolina. Turns out he gets more money from out of state than Rumsey did. If you are comfortable with that kind of hypocrisy, you must be getting paid.

  7. How is it fine for some candidates to get money from out of state, and wrong for others? A legislator who takes big money from a corporation who operates in the state seems to hold more chance for corruption than a candidate who takes money from a single guy who funds conservative issues.

  8. For one thing, Max, the corporations that gave money to Sandifer are real corporations. Howie’s LLCs are just shams so he can get around South Carolina’s contribution limits. And N. Tyger, if you are comfortable with that kind of hypocrisy, then YOU must be getting paid.

  9. neutral observer

    Draven, please speak up. It is hard to heard you with your nose so far up Sandifer’s butt.

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  11. who cares if the out of staters who give money to Sandifer are “real.” What does that even mean? He still took out of state money after he whined about someone else getting it. Doesn’t say much for his character. Sandifer is taking big bucks from companies that he could use his vote to benefit.

  12. Max,
    I care if the out of staters who gave money to Sandifer are real. What does that mean? It means they are companies that actually do business, as opposed to LLCs set up to get around our election laws.

    Neutered Observer,
    Take your tongue out of Howie’s and I’ll take my nose out of Sandifer’s.

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