More Illegal Taxpayer Financed Campaigning

vote early and often.jpg
Politician Jim Rex is once again using taxpayers’ money to illegally campaign.

Last time it was meddling in dozens of legislative races.

This time it is a feel good pro-government school primer for his upcoming reelection gubernatorial campaign sent through the mail with public funds.

South Carolina’s public schools are in shambles.

The shameful black/white achievement gap is growing and more than 150 high school students drop out each day.

Rex has responded with distractions and political self-promotion.

Too bad kids in failing public schools across the state weren’t also sent a letter from Rex letting them know how great everything is going.


3 responses to “More Illegal Taxpayer Financed Campaigning

  1. Sadly, this is no shock at all. Self agrandising politicians using our money to promote themselves. Welcome to South Kack-a-lackie!

  2. Superintendent Rex won’t mention the achievement gap. he’s too busy trying to make himself look good by pushing this whole funding rip-off. It’s too bad. Funding needs to be fixed badly. Those jokers in the house and senate will just blow the opportunity

  3. rex is slick, but inez will be a tough cookie – either way i would hate to see the rest of the state government run like our crappy schools!

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