Sumter Snakeoil Salesmen Ascend Administrators Association

The embattled educrats who forced through an unneeded $3.5 million administrators building in Sumter are now in charge of SCASA.

The non-teaching bureaucrats “educators” at the SC Association of School Administrators (SCASA) are the pride of our public schools.

While lawmakers appropriate over $11,480 per child to each student in the state, these dedicated school administrators ensure that only 44 cents per dollar reaches the classroom.

Thanks to the “professional educators” in administrative jobs, the other 54 cents goes to “non-instructional spending.” This includes state and local political campaigning, hiding awkward student performance failures, promoting subsidized mortgages, using taxpayer financed personal cell-phone calls, giving meaningless awards to failing schools, directly lobbying lawmakers for even more money, profiteering from the PACT debate, lying about government allocations, staying in four-star hotels, and otherwise enjoying the comfort and security of a no-expectations government job.

The fact that just 44 cents reaches the kids might account for South Carolina’s 158 drop outs per day problem, but the award winning public school PR departments don’t care.

Now we hear that SCASA is choosing the best of the brightest of these “educators” for leadership positions!

Yes, the same Sumter Edu-crats who presided over the construction of a controversial $3.5 administration building (despite the looming consolidation of the district, and an excess of existing office space) are now in top leadership positions at SCASA.

From the pages of the Sumter Item:

“Sumter School District 17 is taking the South Carolina Association of School Administrators by storm. Recently, SCASA announced that three of the school district’s top district-level administrators are presidents-elect for the divisions in the organization of which they are members.”

These same district bureaucrats insisted they must build immediately because the terms of their (now illegal) financing required it. Former school board members and community leaders asked a judge to force the district to halt the project (since the Educrats wouldn’t listen) which he did.

It is hardly shocking that the SCASA membership has chosen the “Stars of Sumter 17” as their new leadership. Their total disregard for educational effectiveness, taxpayer dollars, and public opinion has earned them this distinction. If these are the skills it takes to be recognized in the SC Public Education Establishment, it should be no surprise if South Carolina retains its worst-in-the-nation status for the next fifty years.


4 responses to “Sumter Snakeoil Salesmen Ascend Administrators Association

  1. SCASA is a big racket to keep encouraging a bunch of underachievers to keep holding on to their inferior methods.

  2. We’ve got “educators” coming out of our ears in this state. What don’t have is any results of real education taking place! Offended? You should be. Offended for the 50% of kids who drop out of school before graduation. That speaks for itself, and SCASA sure isn’t doing anything to change things.

  3. calling anyone working with or for SCEA, SCASA and friends an “educator” is a joke.
    effective classroom teachers, home schooling moms, pro-active clergy and engaged and responsible parents are examples of REAL educators

  4. These people are the bane of a teacher’s existence. They sit in offices and pontificate and supervise and harass, and no real teaching can get done.

    The poor teacher who is underpaid and lacking materials and who works 12 hours per day, then is the one blamed for the failure of the schools, when it’s the wacky stuff these snake oil salesmen are promoting which they are forced to follow, that is at fault.

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