More Unemployment Finger Pointing

Failure of “5-year plan” style economics plagues South Carolina. Lawmakers look to “pass the buck.”

It appears that several high profile members of the SC General Assembly are struggling with severe confusion over the causes of unemployment in South Carolina.

In addition to relating the depressing news that South Carolina has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, this article from The Charleston Post and Courier website confirms that more than one legislator is indeed completely detached from any semblance of reality.

This from the article-

“[SC Senators] Cooper and Leatherman say Gov. Mark Sanford is to blame for the state’s high unemployment rate. “After observing the actual results over the past several years, it has become painfully clear to me that this administration simply does not care about creating jobs for our people, and I think that’s obvious to everyone,” Sen. Leatherman said.”

What should be most obvious to everyone is that legislators like Hugh Leatherman and Dan Cooper are infinitely more engaged in hoarding tax dollars in slush funds than running a streamlined and transparent government.

What about all that money these same lawmakers tied up in Competitive Grants to fund their own useless pork projects? It seems that money could be put to good use by leaving it in the private sector where it belongs. Did Leatherman and Cooper fail Capitalism 101? Industry and Commerce create wealth, not government!

This kind of hypocrisy and deceit is exactly what everyone has come to expect from these influence- hungry grafters.

For decades corrupt good old boys like Cooper and Leatherman have lurked around Columbia trying to build up lasting political power. As soon as their unsound fiscal policies and poor management predictably result in a weakened economy, they push the blame squarely on the shoulders of the person whose power they have fought non-stop to weaken.

To be fair to Cooper and Leatherman, some extra short-term jobs were probably created during the construction of the self-aggrandizing “Hugh Leatherman Intersection” in Florence, and the “Dolly Cooper Sports Complex” in Anderson.

Perhaps nothing embodies the complete lack of foresight and common sense in the SC Legislature more than Cooper and Leathermans’ obtuse opposition to education reform through school choice.

Currently, South Carolina is home to one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the nation, lowest SAT and ACT scores, and an ever-widening achievement gap.

Not exactly a big draw for businesses looking to move to the Palmetto State.

Despite the obvious economic detriment of having the worst public schools in the country, Leatherman and Cooper have both fought against any effort to reform schools through giving parents the right of school choice, or by holding the education bureaucracy accountable for its gross waste. Why would they? It is completely consistent with the command and control style of big government extravagance that incumbent politicians have fostered in Columbia.

The same group of people that has presided over years of academic failure and increased government spending will never be responsible for strengthening the economy and creating more jobs. They have had years and billions of dollars to do it, and have absolutely nothing to show but more disappointing statistics on unemployment and low academic achievement.

Taxpayers must demand accountability in government by holding elected officials like Cooper and Leatherman responsible for saying one thing and doing another.


3 responses to “More Unemployment Finger Pointing

  1. Well done and right on point. Legislators are wasting time — and tax dollars — promoting ridiculous, empty ideas like the “knowledge-based economy.” Please! Right now, half of SC children don’t get “knowledge-based” high school diplomas. SC better get serious about offering companies what they need most — educated workers. We can’t afford to fail another generation of our workforce.

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