Support for choice among public school teachers

Education bureaucrats and unions like to call school choice initiatives “anti-school” and “anti-teacher.”

That makes for a vicious sound bite and a strong emotional reaction, but doesn’t actually deal with the merits of expanded parental choice.

A new study of public school teachers show that such arguments are baseless.

Researchers at Education Next found that even many public school teachers support education tax credits. In fact a plurality, 46 percent of public school teachers, support education tax credits and just 41 percent oppose them.

And 54 percent of the general public support tax credits while only 28 percent oppose them.

These findings build upon a 2007 survey that found 53 percent of current and former public school employees support education tax credits and only 25 percent oppose them.

This kind of support from people employed by the public school system is pretty amazing. It shows the many public school teachers have reached the same conclusion held by parents across the nation: if quality instruction and equality of opportunity are the ultimate objective, we need to value education in itself, not just esteem the government apparatus that claims sole license to provide it.

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