Data needs to drive education policy debate


FITS News has a great blog article about the bomb throwing OpEd written by Representative James Smith in the State Newspaper this morning.

FITS observes that:

Strong public schools indeed should be a part of the plan to provide poor, minority children with “hope for a different life,” but our public schools are not strong, and in spite of massive funding increases over the last four years they have utterly failed to fulfill their obligation to parents, students and teachers alike.

And given the growing achievement gap in this state between white and black students, this chronic institutional failure (oppression) is particularly pronounced on the very demographic groups which Rep. Smith callously uses as pawns in his argument.

Sadly, this sort of truth-averse reaction from blind big government types is not at all surprising.

FITS goes on to note that James played fast and loose with the high administrative spending ratio in SC public schools.

Smith also totally ignored the facts about the low performance by South Carolina’s so-called “best” public schools.

With his casual misuse of facts and figures, and his weak appeal to faith in the failing system, it seems James has adopted the image-first PR methods long employed by Jim Rex, his PR staff, countless district superintendents, testing corporations, taxpayer funded education unions, and their hired guns.


One response to “Data needs to drive education policy debate

  1. Smith’s letter is a new precedent of arrogance and condesncesion – the idea that only government can save ourchildren is absurd. MORE IMPORTANTLY, DON’T SMITH’S OWN KIDS GO TO PRIVATE SCHOOL?

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