More on the Charleston PACT Scam

It looks like the “Charleston Pact Scam” is not going to be allowed to slink quietly out of the public eye.

Following up on a story in The Charleston Post and Courier about a Charleston administrator altering PACT scores to falsely inflate performance, FITSNews has unlimbered their much-dreaded pen to rip further into this story of lies and corruption.

It’s safe to say that FITSNews has effectively unloaded both barrels of truth and justice on the status quo education bureaucracy yet again.

Also, check out Randy Page’s editorial “Honesty is the Foundation of Improvement” in today’s Times and Democrat.


2 responses to “More on the Charleston PACT Scam

  1. It certainly is blow to the public education establishment. While the principal in Charleston county was ethically challenged, it is an isolated incident (at least for now), so let’s treat is as one and hold off the burning of the statehouse for at least another week!

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