(Re)Name the new “PASS” Test contest!


PASS: “Palmetto Assessment of State Standards” or “Pleased About Slipping Standards?” Submit your own test title and win!

Education bureaucrats and partisan journalists are worried about the shameful PACT cheating scandal that continues to enrage parents across the South Carolina.

To distract attention from the cheating at schools and the awkwardly low-standards some have tried to steer the political dialogue toward the replacement test that will succeed PACT as the public school accountability tool.

Their “focus on the future” strategy is really the same old tired spin that ever-more-money will fix South Carolina’s failing public schools. At its heart, this is nothing more than a distraction from the push for real educational options and equality for all children.

Toward that end, the public servants PR staff at the State Department of Education recently held a contest to choose the name of PACT’s replacement, a test with even lower standards than its high dollar predecessor.

The “winner” was “PASS” which stands for “Palmetto Assessment of State Standards,” a sadly ironic name because the law authorizing the test actually lowers the already-low standards, reducing student performance categories from four to three.

In the spirit of competition (something public schools don’t face) the Voice for School Choice is announcing its own reverse acronym contest for the new PASS test.

Readers are encouraged to submit their test titles as comments to this post. As is standard practice in the SC Legislature, there will be no recorded vote. Once the Voice identifies the most creative name (best capturing the condescending lowered expectations of “PASS”) the Voice will make it’s selection.

Go ahead, make a PASS at renaming the test!

This is an opportunity you don’t want to PASS up.

The Grand Prize is to be announced. Suggestions are encouraged!


14 responses to “(Re)Name the new “PASS” Test contest!

  1. What about ” Pleased About Sinking Standards”?

  2. Wilson Charles

    In a recent post, I noted a suggestion from a public school third grade teacher.

    Her idea? How about the “South Carolina Assessment Measure” or SCAM?

    I wish we’d come up with it, but I have to give credit where it’s due.

    — Wilson Charles

  3. How about: “Principals Are Sometimes Suspects” in honor of the SLED investigation into the cheater down at Sanders-Clyde in Charleston

  4. OK – I really like TigerMom’s name. That is absolutely hilarious.

  5. Pursuing Academically Shallow Standards!

  6. Pursuing Another Shoddy Scheme

  7. Primitive Acknowledgement of State Standards

  8. PASS = Perverted Acquiescence to Standardized Stupidity

    But I like the alternative of SCAM noted above.

  9. PASS =

    Performance As Sliding Scale

    Precisely Adjusted Slip Switch

    Perhaps A Silly Standard

    Perceptions About Societal Stupidity

    Premature Adult Senility Syndrome

  10. Better one –

    Re-name it FAIL

    Fictional Aptitude in Learning

    Or if you want to indicate the past tense,

    FAILED –
    Fictional Aptitude in Learning – Extreme Disappointment (or disaster)

  11. I was at a community meeting in Fair Play, SC this evening and heard Rep. Don Bowen brag to the audience that he had introduced the first bill to get rid of the more rigorous PACT test. He seemed to believe he was responsible for PACT’s demise. Interesting.

  12. I thought that those comments in Fair Play were an isolated incident, but I got a letter stuck on my door from Rep. Don Bowen today in which he claims credit for doing away with the PACT test. What gives with that guy? Didn’t South Carolinians for Responsible Government spend a lot of money to get him elected in 2006? Why is he stabbing the School Choice movement in the back like this? Is this new or is it a pattern? He’s an ineffective legislator and he turns on his friends? Yikes.

  13. Also, the letter was on state letterhead. State money paid for it and he’s using it to politic. He is using state letter head as a campaign materials.

  14. I’ve been subject to that ridiculous boring test ever since moving to SC. Thank God I don’t have to take it anymore. It teaches nothing and holds back the gifted students.

    Passing Along Sunken Society
    Politics Are Sinking Standards

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