The State is South Carolina’s #2 paper now

The State spirals left and readership suffers.

Here at The Voice we have on several occasions noted that South Carolina’s out-of-state corporate-owned daily newspaper The State is in big trouble.

According to Burrelles Luce, national experts in media trends, the family owned Post and Courier will top The State in daily average readership sometime this year.

Despite a series of painful staff cuts, The State’s readership continues to drop, while the P&C is one of only a handful of large daily newspapers in the US to see a sustained annual increase in readership.

A driving force in The State‘s demise has been it’s far-left, welfare state style editorial policy – seen by many observers to be wildly out of line with the right of center majority voting trends in South Carolina.

As readership drops, so do advertising revenues, which leads to staff reductions and further lowers the quality and quantity of State reporting. But the opinion section itself has been zealously shielded from cuts …until now.

According to Friday’s State:

“Starting today, The State will not have separate op-ed pages on Fridays and Mondays. This is a cost-saving measure, reducing our newsprint expenditure. Instead, we will frequently run a syndicated column on this page on Fridays, and a local guest column on the Monday letters page. We also invite readers to explore our offerings at, and Brad Warthen’s Blog at”

State Newspaper blogger and editorialist Brad Warthen has written a meandering apology/defense of the move, noting that the highly partisan State Newspaper employees will themselves continue to be churning out their leftist swill, but that the lack of an Op-ed page on mondays and fridays simply means that fewer moderate and right of center voices will be heard in opposition.

The Voice predicts this move will only make a bad thing worse. Unless The State’s California-based corporate owners reign in the small group of far-left partisans that control The State’s editorial (not to mention general news) content, South Carolinians from the Upstate to the Coast, and all points in-between, will continue to tire of their biased political slop.


3 responses to “The State is South Carolina’s #2 paper now

  1. Did you consider that The State’s circulation drop actually could be from cutting delivery last year in some parts in the state from the Upstate to the coast? Please don’t let the facts get in your way of your posts.

  2. “Inthebiz” is a comment submitted from from IP; which is …you guessed it… the State Newspaper!

    Actually, delivery cuts are the result of lowered demand, and yes, the decline has been a long term multi-year trend.

    Maybe State Newspaper employees need to spend less time trying to defend their work on blogs, and more time trying to improve their corporate-owned paper.

  3. There’s been an undeniable preference shift away from newspapers and their writing. But there are at least two important industry factors to consider: The State is now in the same corporate family as other papers such as the Beaufort gazette and island packet. I note these two because The State pulled out of that part of the Lowcountry believing readers would simply go to the Gazette/Packet. Instead readers went to The P&C. (doh.), secondly The State’s hometown of Columbia is not growing nearly as fast as The P&C.

    Charleston’s rapid growth is the only real reason The P&C is staying afloat in circulation numbers.

    And as former P&C employee that left because of the stifling corporate feel, the family-owned is very nearly a misnomer.

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