School’s “Teacher of the Year” pleads guilty to lewd acts with student

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Despite the guilty plea, the mainstream media isn’t yet covering this shameful story.

Last Monday On **Monday August 6th, Kanesa Hopkins plead guilty to charges of lewd acts with a minor under the age of 16.

Hopkins, who taught at Westview Middle School in Goose Creek, had been awarded the school’s “Teacher of the Year” title in 2007, her eighth year of teaching math at that public school.

The “lewd acts” guilty plea was a reduction, possibly bargained with the prosecutors, from the initial charge of criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

Hopkin’s victim was a then 14 year old female student. The child was in Kanesa Hopkin’s math class at Westview Middle School as well as a church Sunday school class taught by Hopkins.

Shockingly, despite some coverage at the time of the arrest in May of 2007, there have been no mainstream media reports on the plea three months later.

Hopkins received a 5-year suspended sentence and 2-years of probation.

**UPDATE: South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) documents show that Hopkins “start date” for offender registrey was August 13th, which means she was either sentenced on or around 8/6, or was given credit for time served leading up to the plea. Not even one mainstream media outlet in South Carolina has covered the story since the 2007 arrest.


10 responses to “School’s “Teacher of the Year” pleads guilty to lewd acts with student

  1. I am not saying this sickness happens any more or less in private schools, but there is NO doubt in my mind that the private school hating SC liberal media would be all over this, like white on rice, if it was a private school teacher. But check the papers this week – nothing but a bunch of garbage about low test scores and school report cards being “good.”

  2. Yet another reason why I homeschool.

  3. Why am I not surprised? Jim Rex sure knows how to pick ’em. What happened to background checks before you make someone Teacher of the Year? Could her major been pornography?
    She and Jim Rex should be run out of the State.

  4. Gee – I thought that public schools were an irreproachable bastion of secular civic virtue, the only thread holding our progressive state and republic together…. Hmm, maybe they are not as sacrosanct at the school boards insist!

  5. Big deal! I’m much more interested in getting this state out of last place in test scores than worrying about 1 bad apple in a very large barrel. If you think all media is ‘liberally biased”, why not for a conservative newspaper and sell stock in its ownership?

  6. This breach of trust was sickening, but I think it reminds us all about the dominant importance of parental involvement, something that would go far to address many of the concerns raised by this blog.

  7. LexVegas Native

    Plenty of media coverage of the Lexington teacher at Crayton Middle School:
    also a public school math teacher, but a man rather than a woman; victim was a 15-year-old Bishopville girl

  8. I’m not sure I get why SC Hotline just posted this article as “Jim Rex’s” School Teacher of the Year. This woman wasn’t the SC Teacher of the Year… she was the Westview Middle School Teacher of the Year. I find it hard to believe that Jim Rex spends his time choosing middle school teachers of the year across the state. He didn’t have anything to do with this decision, so why the hate?

  9. Ther should be an offenders registry for administrators at the district office level who gurantee wealth to local law firms while they collectily rape our children’s educational opportunity.

    Even though multiple children are experiencing the same treatment, they are treated as isolated occurances and blamed for the decision to be
    academically/emotioally raped.

    Special services in our school district has the power to make or break a child who needs minimal interventions.

    There is 0% accountability for an admin who “chooses” not to report an assault of a child by a staff member,falsifying records in attempt to “justify” the assault and other mistreatment, or for providing documentably false information to State and Federal agencies to “justify” denial of a Free Education.

    The SDE is aware of this wide spread concern and has no problem allowing these individuals to remain in a position to re-offend other students who are not in a position to protect themselves.

    How far does the admin have to let it go before something is done?

  10. Still no msmedia coverage of Kanesa Hopkins but Jim Rex shows up with too little too late in the form of a self-promoting issued-statement.

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