Educrats in the news

  • With 82 percent of public schools failing to meet federal performance goals, Jim Rex again resorts to handing out faux awards to needy public school administrators.
  • Despite a whopping $11,480 in funding per child, public school leaders use guilt-laden pleas for money directly from parents and community members.
  • Upstate paper fawns over Jim Rex, decides 82% AYP failure is a sign of “success.” Ignores unflattering real-world comparison with competitive public schools in North Carolina.
  • Anderson and Pickens school districts chiefs get defensive about low test scores and rise in number of failing schools.
  • Rex and public school officials remain awkwardly quiet in wake of media focus on public school ties with (domestic terrorist) Bill Ayers.
  • Awesome editorial in the Item about big-government’s failures (too bad they don’t recognize this breakdown of command and control statism in the public education monopoly)

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