No end to the excuses

state newspaper excuses.jpg
Parents expect more than spin, students deserve more than failure.

Sometimes biased journalists aren’t content with cutting-and-pasting a partisan press release and printing it as a “news story.”

Some feel the need to wear their hearts on their sleeves, making their agenda explicit in the hope of converting readers.

So it is with the shameful 82 percent public school failure rate on the recent federal AYP report cards.

In a glaring instance of Newspeak, government school sycophants at the State Newspaper and Aiken Standard have decided that “Failure is Success“.

From the Standard:

“…our students are learning more and our teachers are doing their jobs better than ever.”

From the State:

“If you are a teacher or a student or a parent …you shouldn’t let tumbling scores discourage you.”

The Voice is grateful that neither The State nor the Standard allowed facts to interfere with their posturing.

Never mind that South Carolina’s public schools, home to a shameful 49 percent high school graduation rate, are so under-performing that the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law allows for a gradual phase-in of student performance targets.

Never mind that as the national standards rise to approach the intended baseline, South Carolina’s stagnant public schools fall further and further behind the performance benchmarks.

Never mind that under the terms of the phase-in, negotiated by South Carolina state bureaucrats and former State Superintendent Inez Tenenbaum several years ago, all public schools need to make steady improvement to meet their adequate yearly progress, and have had seven years to prepare.

Never mind that national policy experts who devised the rating system saw the multi-year phase-in as a bi-partisan compromise and guarantor of a steady transition to statewide testing – not as political cover for public school failures.

Never mind that per-student spending of $11,480 requires half of South Carolina’s bloated state budget to sustain the spending increases for education.

No, there is no reason for either to the State or the Standard to ask tough questions about how and why the standards were rigged and exploited by Inez, and now dismissed by Rex.

That type of impartial and thorough reporting would leave readers with the tough burden of making an informed decision on their own – and the basis of the papers’ rejection of school choice is their unwavering belief that parents (and newspaper readers) across the state are just too stupid to make good decision for themselves.


4 responses to “No end to the excuses

  1. When will the private school report cards be released?

  2. The private school report cards are released every day. When I was searching for a private school, all of them were more than willing to share how their students performed on the STANFORD test (a nationally normed test which actually compares students in SC to students across tne country) and on the SAT and ACT. In fact, my children are tested with STANFORD every year and I actually get the results in my hands.

  3. Both newspapers are whole lot more “impartial” than you. Your predictable rants are making you completely irrelevant. As you should be.

  4. The excuses about AYP are getting tiresome. Maybe if this were the first failure of its kind there would be more room for explanation, but this is just another of string of embarassments going back for years! I don’t want to hear word games, I want to know that my kid is being taught well, and that half of her classmates won’t be dropping out in the process.

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