Marc Sosne: York’s Taxpayer Hero

Disciplined budget warrior Marc Sosne earns praise and respect in York.

In the Upstate, and across South Carolina, the budget crisis is hitting home.

State lawmakers are meeting in Columbia with the difficult task of determining where to make cuts.

One public servant in York County’s  Clover School District, has already taken leadership with self-imposed fiscal discipline.

Marc Sosne, superintendent of York School District 2, earns a modest $150,000.00 salary package, only three times the median income for families in his county.

Despite the fact that Superintendent Sosne’s contract ensures that his cell phone, vehicle, home office, and gym membership are paid for, Sosne has worked with single-minded focus to save taxpayers money.

Parents, teachers, and students in Clover will be proud to hear that during a recent district-financed, four day trip to Tampa, Florida, Superintendent Sosne dug deep into his own pocket to reimburse the taxpayers in York County $14.94 for an “in-room movie” on the night of February 13, 2008.

In light of the total trip cost exceeding $1,700.00, this minor personal expense would have been swept under the rug by a lesser man.

In the larger scale of his $11,790.00 annual  personal travel spending, (as well as tens of thousands more spent by school board members) this $14.94 film may seem insignificant, but we at The Voice see this initiative and discipline as emblematic of the qualities we long to see in more public servants.

For his forthright integrity, The Voice bestows on Superintendent Sosne the title of “Taxpayer Hero.”

We would offer to throw a dinner for Dr. Sosne in celebration of this fiscal victory, but he beat us to it by letting the good people in his district pay upwards of $900.00 for two dinners with his friends and associates on the school board!


10 responses to “Marc Sosne: York’s Taxpayer Hero

  1. Folks in York are mostly proud of our public schools, but wow, this is really absurd. The post is funny – until I realized my taxes paid for all this high dollar nonsense! $600.00 is a lot for dinner; it must have included plenty of drinks. All these receipts should be on District’s or Board’s website so they will encouraged to spend more responsibly.

  2. Proud,

    Read the post on Upstate public school scores:

    It turns out York schools only seem “good” because the other schools in South Carolina are such lame ducks – compare York to public schools in Chapel Hill NC or Trion GA and it gives a better perspective.

  3. A 600 meal for the board? I hope all those bottles of wine were the perfect touch.

  4. “In room movie” ? What, the hundreds of channels that hotels provide for free didn’t have what he was looking for?
    All the same, thanks for saving us that 14 dollars

  5. Why is this low life not being stoned in the Public Square?……..Men wear Skirts in York don’t they? Well only on their Wedding Day.

  6. Chuck,

    ????? You may have to elaborate on how men wearing skirts in York has anything to do with this article. I’m just curious

  7. Have you looked at Beaufort County School District and it’s high priced Superintendent? After one year
    she is given a bonus of $17,500 for meeting five of the six goals she was given., Doesn’t anyone work for the paycheck they receive and not hold the government for an additional bonus if they simply do the job required of them. Lackluster academic student performance (reduce by 20 percent gap between the county and the state on 43 indicators measuring performance on state-mandated tests and other areas such as graduation and dropout rates) held her back from setting the highest possible performance-based bonus –$20,000. Her salary was only $198,000 to perform as a Superintendent.

    Her contract was renewed until June 2011, her annual pay will increase from $198,000 to $205,600,
    Extra week of vacation bringing the total to four weeks and an increase in travel reimbursements from $750 per month $800.00.

    Don’t the jobs have a job description that would define what is required from the employee for the agreed paycheck?

    BONUS checks for performance should be outlawed and performance should be required for the paycheck given

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